• Philosophy

    “Security consultancy is about providing independent services that allow companies to secure their people, assets, brand and business by creating a stable environment in which security concerns and cost efficient solutions should be balanced and customized to their business priorities.”

    coaching and managing
    “High Power Work Teams”

    Security Management

    Business analysis/review (reporting/analysis, controlling, benchmarking, resources planning, budgeting)

    Management of the internal processes (people, procedures, working environment, flows)

    Management of the outsourced security contracts (guarding, technical, maintenance & services, monitoring, investigations)

    Application Testing Services for Security Vulnerabilities

    We use hacker tools and methods to identify the security weaknesses and vulnerabilities

    We employ penetration tests that are simulating a cyber attack on the company’s web site(s) or application(s), similar to what hacker’s use to expose and disable the system integrity

    We deliver a full and comprehensive report with all the identified security vulnerabilities and the necessary solutions and fixes

    Our team is made of highly skilled professionals with a long-standing experience and certifications that will help you achieve the highest level of security

    Security Lifecycle Solutions

    Security audits

    Risk assessment and threats analysis

    Security concepts design / Manpower, procedures and technical systems integration

    Policies, procedures and guidelines (create, implement, review and improve)

    Awareness & training programs for the management team, security leaders and personnel

    Special situations management(emergency response plan, crisis management and business continuity plan)

    Information security management system

    Internal Intelligence Gathering

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    Cost Efficiency

    Reduced shrinkage percentage
    Reduced security related costs
    Stock loss avoidance using proactive practices

    Customized Security Solutions

    Security concepts built according to your processes and needs
    Integrated security culture within your organization

    Business Added Value

    Increased customers and partners perception of your business
    and brand
    Secure working environment with non-aggressive techniques

    Why would you hire a "problem"

    when you could contract a


    We are independent professionals protecting your business interests, with no interests in overspendings on man guarding, technical equipment or any other security resources.

    We have a vast experience in business processes, modus operandi and available solutions for industry leaders in several domains, such as: retail, supply chain, production, banking, oil, internet, etc.

    Excellence, urgency and effectiveness are our main drivers!

    With more than 30 years accumulated experience in the security field within major local and multinational companies, our professionals are ready to provide effective and customized security management solutions for your business.

    Ionel Popa

    Ionel Popa

    Senior Partner
    P: +(40) 752 232 534


    Marius Dumitrenco

    Senior Partner
    P: +(40) 754 222 124

    Florian opa

     Florian   Popa

    P: +(40) 745 203 553